Eisbär Flocke

(WARNING: the images below may cause excessive repetition “awwwww”and “OMG”. Not suggested for the faint of heart.)

The Germans are a cool bunch. A friend of mine has a slight obsession with them and their culture. To their credit, the German vocabulary is just so much cooler than ours and they supply a healthy amount of ridiculously cute polar bears for us to oogle at. Move aside Knut, introducing… Flocke! According to the cub’s own website,

“Flocke” should act as a figure for climate protection and become a symbol that reminds [us] of the endangered natural habitat of many animals. Additionally the goals of the zoo had to be recognized. The merchandizing of the young polar bear should be orientated on the principle of sustainability and on the responsibility towards nature.

Ja, ya, let’s move onto the pictures.

In progessive order:



This is bad news for Berliners and their zoo obviously. But the true test awaits to see if Flocke will ever make its way to appear on the front cover of an esteemed international publication, like Vanity Fair, German edition.

I may or may not have just applied for an endangered species WWF credit card.

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