Monodo Spider

Mondo Spider
Pictured here is Mondo Spider with Daisy — the giant solar-powered tricycle — in the background.

As part of Engineering week at UBC, you may have seen Mondo Spider pounding its metallic webbing around in front of Hebb today. This is definitely the biggest spider that I’ve seen in a while. I don’t usually like spiders but this one is cool. When Mondo Spider moves around, you’re thinking, “Wow, this thing is part tank, part salsa dancer.” My favorite part was the rotating leg design. Artistically, the rotating movement of the leg pieces is beautiful, even mesmerizing. Functionally, the science and engineering design behind the legs is pretty serious. One of the engineers told me that he’s done the math and there’s as many welds in just one of the leg of the Mondo Spider as there are in 54 bicycles.

Mondo Spider’s lair can be found at

eatART is a non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting energy awareness through art
grants are available for fun, fresh and innovative creations that inspire better global citizenship

It’s art, it’s science, all with a global perspective. I love it!

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