Global Food Security – or – Fast and Easy Ways of Losing Weight (in 20 years).

This was just published in Science this week: Prioritizing Climate Change Adaptation Needs for Food Security in 2030.

From the “Perspectives” review of the paper:

Lobell et al. show that increasing temperatures and declining precipitation over semiarid regions are likely to reduce yields for corn, wheat, rice, and other primary crops in the next two decades. These changes could have a substantial impact on global food security[…]

[…]30% of farmers in developing countries are food-insecure; the work of Lobell et al. suggests that climate change may impact these undernourished communities by decreasing local yields while contributing to a global increase in commodity prices through significant global reduction in the production of corn, wheat, and rice. Despite these challenges, the very low agricultural productivity of food-insecure countries presents a great opportunity. Transform these agricultural systems through improved seed, fertilizer, land use, and governance, and food security may be attained by all.

For some reason, the last sentence reminded me of a certain Boney M Happy Song

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