Globally relevant pick up lines – know any?


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Jessica in class is interested in whether you know any good “globally relevant” pick up lines (i.e. climate change themed for example). She has a few to get the ball rolling.

“Is it just climate change, or is it hot in here?”

“Did you hear about the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf? (Yes) So you would agree that the ice has been broken?”

Let’s see how many others there are – add to the comments…

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David (@ng_dave) is Faculty at the Michael Smith Labs. His writing has appeared in places such as McSweeney's, The Walrus, and He plans on using Terry as another place to highlight the mostly science-y links he appreciates. In fact, if you liked this one, you might also like his main site generally - this can be found at

6 Responses to “Globally relevant pick up lines – know any?”

  1. Kerrie

    Funny topic…last week I met a client who spoke no English and the only thing I knew how to say in her language is “Darling, you are the light of my eyes”.

    For meeting foreigners: “Hey there, how about some International Relations?
    *nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more*

    “I’ve always felt pollution and landfills are a huge problem”
    “Tell me more, I like it when you talk dirty”

  2. Dave Semeniuk

    On a related note: there’s a Facebook group dedicated to how dirty oceanographic terms can be.

    For example:
    Baby, how’d you like to ride my warm current south?
    I think my hot spot just erupted
    I’ll spread your seafloor

  3. Brenda

    Threadless AND cheesy pick up lines? Sweet!
    “I like my men like my food…
    within a 100 mile radius”
    A geography related one…
    “You’re so nice I’ll never take you for granite.”
    and yes, there are quite few facebook groups on nerdy pickup lines.

  4. Kerrie

    “If we don’t hook up, then the terrorists have won”.

  5. Terrible Person

    Hey baby, are you Lebanon? Can I be Israel and invade your southern regions?

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