Sustainability Seminar on Cycling…

IRES cycling seminar

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  1. Joanne

    I was reminded of this seminar again last night as I was listening to discussions in the PBL sessions of ASIC200. At this talk, Kay outlined the results of her survey about barriers that stop people from cycling. One of the top concerns that people had about hopping on their bikes was SAFETY.

    Dr. Teschke also outlined some stats that showed how “good” Vancouver is at cycling compared to other cities. The stats showed that we’re pretty dismal (i.e., we’re not good at all by European standards). This survey also looked at the type of bike routes that are provided in Vancouver. Essentially, the results showed that our own biking infrastructure doesn’t match “what people want” from their biking routes.

    Another thing that I took home from the talk was some figures about accidents and number of serious injuries because of cycling. Apparently safety IS a big concern, and the stats back it up. The injury rate of cycling compared to other modes of transport was pretty scary.

    I look forward to hearing more about what the ASIC200 cycling PBL group comes up with in their group proposals.

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