World’s Cheapest Car On Market…F#*K

tata nano

Yea. I said it, F#*K. Although this word has many meanings, and has even had a song dedicated to it, my definition of this heinous (yet oddly engaging) word is both unique and topical:

A company in India, Tata Motors, has unveiled the world’s cheapest car, the Tata Nano, costing ~$2500. The car production takes mere days instead of weeks, and meets new regulatory guidelines on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. According to an article in the Telegraph…

The basic Nano is aimed at people in India and China looking to buy their first car – the kind of people who previously climbed on a battered scooter, along with their entire family, a pig and a few geese.

So, they want to appeal to a mass market of billions of people, and encourage them to buy their first family car.

All that said, my definition of F#*K is actually two fold, because we’re F#*Ked if we do and we’re F#*Ked if we don’t. On one hand, CO2 from cars will skyrocket in the coming years. On the other, how can more developed countries say, “No, stop, don’t do what we did!” if only the beneficial pieces are mined (i.e. increased mobility) by developing countries, leaving the ugly, stinking slag behind?

What do you think Terryians – what role, if any, do more developed societies play in regulating others if, like climate change and environmental pollution, their actions have a significant impact on the entire world?

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