Clearly, it’s holiday season, so let’s switch gears a little. Share your musical recommedations.


Well judging by the slowing down of comments, it would appear that the holiday internet slowdown is upon us. Which also means that it’s time to put out a post that is a little on the light side.

For me, one of the things I’m curious about is musical preferences – especially since I was once (way back in my undergrad days) one of those audio geeks who reveled in finding that great band that nobody else had heard of. Nowadays, I don’t have much time to find new music and usually resort to relying on my brother or hearing something awesome on CBC radio (CBC is great for that), or maybe even catching a snippet of something I like in a TV show or a movie.

Anyway, one of the things that has stuck since my Hannah was born in 2001 was the making of an annual music mix. A list of all lists where songs chosen weren’t necessarily an exercise in music aristocracy (I know a lot of people are into that), but rather just a reflection of the year itself – for me, my wife and now my two young kids.

So without further ado, here is my mix for 2007 (see below), as well as a few alternates that didn’t quite make it because of CD space. Would love to hear what others might recommend (even a link to a soundfile would great), and if you also have a mix, then do share.

– – –

somebody to love* – queen
nobody wants to – crowded house
phantom limb – the shins
young folks* – peter bjorn and john
don’t go breaking my heart* – elton john and kiki dee
sunshine* – matt costa
keep the car running – arcade fire
the story – brandi carlile
sula* – jeremy fisher
mr. tough – yo la tengo
grey in l.a. – loudon wainwright iii
journey from a to b – badly drawn boy
i don’t feel like dancing – scissor sisters
closer – travis
the long way around* – dixie chicks
ain’t nothing wrong with that* – robert randolph and the family band
no one is to blame – emile millar
we’re all in this together* – high school musical soundtrack
working for the weekend* – loverboy

*kid pick.

my rights versus yours – the new pornographers
headache – frank black
how to save a life – the fray
today’s the day – aimee mann
there is so much more – brett dennen
bodysnatchers – radiohead

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5 Responses to “Clearly, it’s holiday season, so let’s switch gears a little. Share your musical recommedations.”

  1. Dave Semeniuk

    Every Christmas, I find I put together a play list that reflects my older tastes (From 1994’s Regulators, to my seventh grade Pinkteron album, to the days of Pop-Anarcho-Peace-Silly-Punk). Here’s an except:

    Troubador – The Adicts
    Banquet – Bloc Party
    Better Life – Bouncing Souls
    Jealous Of Your Cigarette – Hawksley Workman
    Autumn Leaves – Miles Davis
    That’s When I Reach For My Revolver – Mission of Burma
    Out Of The Races And Onto The Track – The Rapture
    Road Trippin’ – RHCP
    My Pathetic Past – SNFU
    Small Town Banks – The United Steel Workers of Montreal
    This DJ – Warren G
    The Good Life – Weezer
    Confessions of a Futon-Revolutionist – Weakerthans
    The Archaeologist – Wintersleep
    Not Me – Zounds

  2. Florin

    This post makes me really giddy! I can’t wait to see what turns up, and it’s really gonna make me happy tomorrow on my day off when I have all day to get nostalgic and also reveal some of my current favourites.

    In the meantime, you’re bang on with the CBC radio comment, but have you heard CBC Radio 3!!!? WOW!!!!! I think it’s only available online at the moment at but holy frick! It is all brilliant and somewhat obscure Canadian indie music, but really really good!

    Sorry, I get a little hyped up about R3 🙂

  3. arianne

    a chronological list (approximations only):

    wolf like me – tv on the radio (january)
    lloyd, i’m ready to be heartbroken – camera obscura (february)
    a nervous tic motion of the head – andrew bird (march)
    treehouse – i’m from barcelona (april)
    island’s gone bad – shapes and sizes (may)
    it 5 – architecture in helsinki (june)
    young folks – peter bjorn and john (july)
    love connection – casiotone for the painfully alone (august)
    chinese children – devendra banhart (september)
    consequence of sounds – regina spektor (october)
    for real – okkervil river (november)
    broken ship – immaculate machine (december)

    and oh, i miss the days of cbc3 on the radio. sunday to friday 12-4am and saturday 7:30pm-4am were the best times to find yourself in the car. at least cbc2 on 90.9 is still pretty good at night i think… though people don’t usually like it when i put it on

  4. mooks

    I don’t have a mix, but I am one of those “audio geeks” too and although this band has become more well known, I think more people should listen to them (and Dave S knows..) -Wintersleep! They’re from Canada too, and I would recommend to anyone to check out their new album “Welcome to the night sky.” I’ve been listening to it non-stop since it was first released, went to their cold-out concert at Richard’s in Nov, and have tickets for when they come back in Feb : )

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