Iraqi Blogger and Journalist Killed in His Home


Ali Shafeya Al-Moussawi, an Iraqi journalist and member of the Alive in Baghdad blog, was killed in his home yesterday (tip: NowPublic).  He would have turned 24 this week.

Ali lived in Habibya, it’s considered as a part of the Sadr city. On Friday the 14th at 11:30pm Baghdad time, Iraqi National Guard forces raided the street where Ali’s house is, one of the neighbors heard a gun firing after 15 minutes from the arrival of the Iraqi National Guard convoy to the street, the force left at 3:00am. His neighbors kept calling Ali’s phone and it was switched off all the time, so they called his cousin Amar because he lives one block away from where Ali lives.

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From AIB’s Mission Statement:

Alive in Baghdad is empowering Iraqis to share their stories with the world, and provides a place of education and interaction for global citizens interested in the real life political, military, economic and social situation in Iraq.

This story brings up an interesting point. Although blogs no doubt bring out a more endearing perspective on local events where mainstream media falters, and allow both professional journalists and ordinary folks to have their message publicized by their comrades in bloggery, lest we forget there are individuals and governments that don’t want this to happen. Although people living in a war zone have access to a vast amount of information concerning their everyday lives, they lack a shiny press badge, a camouflaged “PRESS” army vest, and a chopper warming up and waiting to take them back to their hotel.

NOTE: I would like to thank Global Voice’s Salam Adil for his kinds words – I’ve never been made an honorary Iraqi before.

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