Is All Science Humour Punny?

I wrote this on my lab’s blackboard about a month ago:

Lab Blackboard1

I was curious about what sort of jokes the my lab mates and users would come up with. A variety have been written and erased – some funny, but most punny. It got me thinking about science humour. From my grade school days, I remember how almost every exposure I had to science humour was one pun after another. Some of you might remember…

Q: What do you call a laboratory in which they use rats as test-animals?
A: A Lab-rat-ory

Q: What did the male stamen say to the female pistil?
A: I like your “style”

Don’t leave it to biologists – physicists and chemists have their own gold:

Oxidants happen.

Q: What sound does a sick duck make?
A: Quark!

I’d love to see other puns from all of you. I’ll start it off with a water-related pun I wringed out of my brain…

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