A Hunger for Books


This is beautiful. The acceptance speech of Doris Lessing, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature this weekend.

Well worth a read.

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Shagufta is a UBC Political Science graduate with a passion for interdisciplinary thinking, writing, travel, reading, tea, and interesting conversations. She hopes to combine all of these things in her life work someday. For now though, she studies social policy and planning at the University of Toronto and shares her adventures in and out of the classroom at http://seriouslyplanning.wordpress.com.

3 Responses to “A Hunger for Books”

  1. Kerrie

    “That poor girl trudging through the dust, dreaming of an education for her children, do we think that we are better than she is – we, stuffed full of food, our cupboards full of clothes, stifling in our superfluities?

    I think it is that girl and the women who were talking about books and an education when they had not eaten for three days, that may yet define us.”

    Wow, I loved this speech. Thanks Shagufta.

    Personally, I remember living in a remote, rural town in West Africa and working in the education sector, and out of all the interconnected, overlapping and cyclical problems I saw, the one that struck me as one of the most pivotal was having access to books. In a district of 180,000 people, the one library had a Children’s Book section that was shorter than my arm-and half of that were Sweet Valley Twins novels!!! (There were also some UNICEF-sponsored comic books that were pretty awesome, actually). And can you imagine my joy when I saw the rich children’s publishing industry in Burkina Faso?!

    It is also important for book-rich people to give conscientiously. Africa should not be where we send our garbage.

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