The Life of Pi

Yann MartelYann Martel, author of “The Life of Pi” will be at UBC next week. He’ll be giving an illustrated talk that features new illustrations from his award winning novel. This special event is organized by the Vancouver International Writers Festival.

Yann Martel
7:30 pm Tuesday December 4
Frederic Wood Theatre
tickets $15, students $13

Get your tickets and more details here.

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6 Responses to “The Life of Pi”

  1. Sabz

    I would go if it were free, but $13? I don’t know why they are charging so much.

  2. Joanne Fox

    Hi Blake, thanks for the link! I remember hearing about the idea as a way to make a statement about support for the arts in Canada but I hadn’t seen the full list of books. Yann’s comments in his letters to Harper are awesome. It would be fun to host a book club based on the list.

  3. Churmy Fan

    I went to the talk and it was Hilarious! the new edition of the Life of Pi has some beautiful illustrations in it. Apparently Yann Martel sends a letter along with each book. One of harper’s assistants replied to the first one saying thanks and wishes him (Martel) good luck in future endeavours. He’s heard silence from then on.
    Yann Martel is releasing a new book soon about a donkey and a monkey(?) that live on a shirt which is supposed to represent a country. I have some great feelings about this one.

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