Upcoming Seminars…

There are two interesting talks around UBC this week:

The first is tomorrow at 4pm in Earth and Ocean Sciences Main Building (directions), Room 330a:

  • John Robinson of UBC, Sustainable Development Research Initiative, IRES and Dept. of Geography

Green Buildings: How to change the world in about 1 million small steps.

The second is at 2pm on Wednesday in AERL 120 (directions):

  • Dr. Peter Tyedmers will be presenting: “Beyond “food miles:” Understanding the carbon-intensity of seafood systems.”

Dr. Tyedmers is an assistant professor at Dalhousie University. His talk will be based on the major drivers of GHG emissions associated with seafood provisioning, the (typically limited) role that transport and by extension ‘food miles’ plays, and where the biggest opportunities for reducing emissions lie. His examples/data will be drawn from an analysis of salmon fishing and farming systems of the NE Pacific, preliminary work on the carbon intensity of seafood into the UK.

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