Student Directed Seminar Opportunity

Here is a unique opportunity to be part of a Student Directed Seminar starting in January 2008 called “Think Globally, Act Locally: Citizenship in Vancouver”, SOCI 433A. This is a UBC approved, 3-credit, 400 level SOCI course, open to third and fourth year students.

The course will explore issues surrounding Global Citizenship: what it means and why it is significant – with a particular attention to local issues in Vancouver. It offers a chance to be part of an emerging movement that encompasses cultural, social, economic, political, and environmental issues, blending them all together to discover Global Citizenship and its implications on our surrounding environment.

Class expectations, including the final syllabus of study will be organized as a class. The class is scheduled on Thursday Evenings, from 5 to 8 PM, in ANSO 203 which will, pending consensus, include discussion, presentations, online discussions, and a final project. A community-service learning component may also be part of the class, depending on its direction. The seminar is highly collaborative in nature, and grading will be primarily peer-based. It is an interdisciplinary seminar for 8-15 people, with lots of opportunity to express your ideas.

If you are interested in taking a course like this, please send an e-mail that includes the following:

1) Your name, student number, and Major
2) What interests you about a Student Directed Seminar
3) Why you are interested in a class about Global Citizenship (especially the local aspects of this)
4) Subjects related to the course that you would like to learn more about
5) What you expect from a Student Directed Seminar, and what you expect to put into a Student Directed Seminar (note the nature of the class)

Feel free to add any experiences that can contribute to this course.

Student-Directed Seminars (SDS) are fully credited. If you are in Sociology, it is counted towards your major. If you are from another Faculty, it is credited as an elective. For more information on Student-Directed Seminars in general, visit the LEAP website.

Check out the Class Website at for regular updates, including a draft class syllabus.

Please send any questions and/or information to:
Esther Yuen & Maureen Mendoza
the Co-Facilitators of SOCI 433A

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