Shinerama Excitement!

Newsflash. The money raised during Shine Day (Sept 8th) for the UBC 2007 Shinerama Campaign has finally been counted! That means buckets upon buckets of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters (and some bills) have finally been painstakingly counted, rolled and lugged away. The final totals for Shinerama’s week of activities are still being determined, but Shine Day alone raised $10,500, and the Bookstore RoundUP Campaign raised $7906.34. That’s more than $18,400 going towards cystic fibrosis research because of the effort and energy of 300 UBC students who took the time out on a Saturday to canvass the city for funds, and oodles more people who donated money when buying books this year.

This year was the 12th year that the AMS has run Shinerama at UBC, and over fifty five campuses all across Canada participate in Shinerama annually.

So to the truly amazing Shinerama planning team, and the energetic volunteers and Shinerama participants this year…I think you are awesome.

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