Michael Ignatieff is coming for a chat!

Well, actually he is coming to give a “talk” but what the heck. Most Canadians know Michael Ignatieff as the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Opposition and the dude who wants Dion’s job. But before he went into politics Ignatieff was well known as a serious academic and public intellectual. I think he wants to go back to those days with his upcoming talk at UBC. Here are the vitals:

The Lui Centre for Global Issues and

The Centre of International Relations Present:

Michael Ignatieff

“Building Citizenship”

When: Thursday, October 11th 12:30 – 2pm

Where: Liu Institute, Multipurpose Room

Ignatieff has had a pretty impressive academic career. He used to to be the Director of the Carr Centre for Human Rights at Harvard, which is a pretty good pulpit. His award-winning books include The Lesser Evil: Political Ethics in an Age of Terror (2004) and Empire Lite: Nation-Building in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan (2003). He is a history grad from U of T and got his PhD at Harvard. Along the way he researched and taught at Cambridge, Oxford, the London School of Economics, and the University of California. Terry thinks he is worth checking out, no matter what your politics!

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