Walrus article provides a good, albeit, pessimistic context on the general mess that is Africa


Africa is a mess and it’s not going to get better any time soon. That’s the awful truth that’s so hard to face — or to state publicly — for those of us who have had a long, intimate relationship with the continent. Mine has lasted for almost forty-five years. But from the very start, my experiences in Africa began conflicting with my hopes, indicating trouble afoot, foretelling that our utopian dreams were going to lead to crushing disappointments.

I’ve been really getting in the Walrus lately, and came across a back issue which had this interesting piece. This article is definitely worth a read since it attempts to provide an overarching context to the problems of the African continent.

I found it useful, especially as someone who is intimately involved in a project to build and sustain a degree of science infrastructure in West Africa. Would appreciate some comments here – especially from others who have been “on the ground” so to speak.

(Painting entitled, “Les economistes a bicyclette, 2001, by Cheri Samba)

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