SENSibility 1: The Sensible Blog

Sensibility (n.) 1. the capacity for physical sensation 2. [often plural] delicate, sensitive awareness or feelings

Sensible (adj.) 1. that can cause physical sensation 2. easily perceived 3. aware 4. having or showing good sense; wise

OK, this blog is unlikely to cause physical sensation (unless reading it makes some people grind their teeth or come after me with a baseball bat). But I hope the rest will be come to pass, although I am not so sure about the “wise” part. I would settle for showing good Sens. Because that is my name: Allen Sens, and this is my Sensible blog.

I am on the Faculty of the Political Science Department at the University of British Columbia, where I am also Chair of the International Relations Program and the co-coordinator of the Terry project. with my friend and colleague David Ng. Welcome to Terry! Visit often, drop us a line, get involved. Terry is many things, but at its root is the need to encourage education and engagement on global issues from both the perspectives of the physical and life sciences and the social sciences and humanities. If we are going to respond effectively to the global issues of our time (and I use the royal “we” here, as in us Homo Sapien types) it will take knowledge and understanding drawn from the realm of science and the realm of arts.

In this blog, I will shoot my mouth off on global issues. I just can’t put the objective of this blog any simpler than that. Every day, s**t happens that makes me angry, or upset, or depressed. I will spread some of that charm in this space, but this blog will be about more than screaming and ranting because there is a lot of that going around. Every day, great s**t happens that makes me happy, hopeful, or upbeat. And I am going to write about that too. Through it all, I want to be informed, sensitive, and easily perceived (that shouldn’t be too hard). I will try to be wise (that will be harder). So this blog will always try to be sensible and display sensibility about global issues. So stay tuned. Have a look around Terry, check out ASIC 200, our Speaker Series, the literature and art on display, and my fellow bloggers.

Long live Terry.

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