It was a timeless moment of Epiphany, of incredible clarity. I had just finished swimming 1500 metres and was floating in the water when suddenly, it was as though I was floating in deep space and could see all these silver and gold lines of energy weaving together the entire cosmos. In that moment I could see the path to enlightenment, not merely for myself but the path that if I walked it would lead the entire race to enlightenment. The path that would lead from a few intelligent individuals scattered through history and around the globe today to the entire human race achieving intelligence and intelligent behaviour.

In that flash of insight I saw, unfolding like a lotus blossom, the path to a glorious future. Of a race making intelligent decisions, shepherding the planet and its life not savaging it, with a spiritual connection to each other, the planet and the universe. A path that led out among the stars to meet others, other children born of star-stuff, so that we could together grow into the greatness which is our heritage, bequeathed to us at the moment of creation when the life possibilities inherent in this space/time continuum were forged in the fires of the big bang.

This entire vision happened in less time than it took the second hand of the clock on the wall to tick off a single second. Tragically before this knowledge could be writ into the electrochemical patterns of my mind I was shocked out of this state of celestial perception by a face-full of ice cold water delivered by he-who-knew-not-what-catastrophe-he-wrought-upon-the-race-of-man. Instantly the vision was torn away and all I was left with was the knowledge of the greatness that might have been and the faintest of impressions of were my path should lead.

In that instant of playful destruction this lifeguard had denied the human race the wisdom needed for a glorious future to begin to unfold from January 20, 2007 forward, upward and outward among out most distant of ancestors – the Stars. His actions condemning the race to continue its self-destructive ways, perhaps even to extinction, of suffering, misery and death. As a race, even though condemned to untold unnecessary torment and affliction, we must forgive this poor wretch for he knew not the great disservice he was doing unto mankind.


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A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Commerce; articled and passed the Uniform Final Exam for Chartered Accountant with Coopers & Lybrand in Saskatoon. Life devoured by the black hole of Mental Illness leading to 18 months of homelessness; currently residing in the Salvation Army Abbotsford’s Supportive Independent Living Pod; The Path to Recovery was long and began before being homeless, continued through homelessness and continues to this time. Seeing the world through my eyes can sometimes be quite jarring. But an unusual set of life experiences often makes for a unique, enlightening insight into reality.