My blood has become poison
Running through me.
In death’s sterile ash
I flip coins to keep
From going mad.
Life and Death
on the face of coin.

And everything is
forgetting me.
The hour is forgetting me.
Even the clock will forget.

The twisting form of these sheets where I laid
Just last night,
Is like a fading fingerprint pressed upon glass,
As the bed forgets me.
As my own body
forgets me.

In death’s sterile ash
I am alone in a room
As I am
alone in my body.

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Bryan Druzin is a graduate of UBC law school. He lived and studied overseas the PRC and Taiwan for over ten years before returning to Canada in 2005. Bryan now splits his time working as a recruiter for a UK-based pharmaceutical research company, and as a researcher for Lawyers Rights Watch in Vancouver.