Waste Management is a true symbol of Globalization, being part of both the problem and part of the solution we have chosen. The topic of waste is one that is, or should be, more and more on the forefront of our concerns.

These are photographs of 3 Waste Management Bins. They are non judgmental. The viewer is invited to place his or her concerns on this problem/solution of waste disposal, which Vancouver and most of North American has chosen.

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Josh Hite is an M.F.A. student of Visual Arts at UBC. He has a B.A. in Philosophy and has worked mainly in the field of education, having taught English in Gunma Prefecture, Japan and chess in Los Angeles. His present works are in photography and he is pursuing the documentation of urban systems and their various stages of efficiency. Current documentation projects include wiring, shipping, advertising and public intervention, garbage, parking lot and alley protective barriers.