We are missing:
Artists, Writers, Musicians
Sculptors, Publishers and Playwrights.
Shapers of thought, carvers of constellations and
pilots of philosophy who haven’t shown up.

What are you doing while pages lay empty,
when books are bound without your stories?
Radio and television fill our ears
with white noise. It takes an artist
to craft a symphony.

What are you doing when
who you are now in the world
will make a difference,
drowning your gift in laundry?
Totting your columns two-by-two?

People are living without enough ideas; so many
think that all there is, is all there is.

Don’t you know who you are?

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Nancy Sayre is working on a degree in Creative Writing at Kwantlen University College. Although she spends hours at the keyboard with her head in her hands, she is actually working on her second novel.