Note that the contest deadline has been extended to March 31st, 2007


There once was a website named Terry1
That wanted to make people wary
Of things going on
In the world that are wrong
Without making it all seem too scary.

So this is a call for submissions
To write or create things worth dishing
Pragmatic or pretty
Might help to be witty
It’s quality stuff that we’re wishing

To sweeten the bait for you all
A contest we’ll once again call
Some say it’s illustrious
We hear it’s stupendious
Much fun should be had with it all.

Three categories2 we’ve placed in the mix
And in each, three prizes we’ve fixed
Dollar amounts start at fifty,
One hundred, Three Fifty
In UBC bookstore certificates3.

We’ll publish the entries throughout
Quietly noting the ones that stand out
Whereby the first day of spring4
Is when all should be in.
And the nine winners then will be flouted.

– – –


1. The URL is terry.ubc.ca, right here in fact.

2. Again, the subject matter is anything under the general umbrella of a “global issue.” The categories are (i) UBC community, creative pieces, taking the form (but not limited to) poetry, fiction, literary humour, visual, audio, and/or personal essay; (ii) UBC community, academic pieces, essays from classes, review/textbook articles, commentary and/or critical analysis; and (iii) non UBC folk in either the creative or academic categories. Preferred word length is no more than 2000 words, but we’re not opposed to being dazzled if you do choose to go over. Previously published material (including blog entries) are o.k. as well.

3. In all categories, we are please to have a first, second, and third prize available (that’s nine prizes in total), in the sums of $350, $100, and $50. Prizes will be available as UBC Bookstore giftcards which are valid in all retail locations and can also be used on the store’s website. Also, note that UBC winners may be asked to participate in a UBC Bookstore promotional event.

4. That’s March 21st, 2007 as a submission deadline. Please send entries to toterry@interchange.ubc.ca.

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