Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Me!

The Ask Me button at UBC You get asked some pretty crazy questions, when you’re wearing an “Ask Me” button. The craziest I got today was, “What should I do with this $100 bill that I just found?” No kidding. Needless to say, it was an interesting conversation.

Another interesting question that I got today was, “So, what are the 10 most polluted places on earth?” In case you’re wondering, it was this news article that I was talking about in the bioinformatics course that I teach at UBC that prompted that question.

For more details, check out this map of the World’s Worst Polluted Places:

The Top Ten (in red) of the Dirty Thirty (in purple) as determined by the Blacksmith Institute. source:

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Joanne often gets really excited when she talks about Science. Luckily, she works in the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory, the educational arm of the Michael Smith Labs. She likes all kinds of science but has a special spot in her heart for biology, technology, and well, sports. As a scientist and educator at UBC, she hopes that she never becomes so specialized that she loses her global perspective. (When she gets around to writing an intro post, I'm sure that she'll link to it here).