Return to TEDx Terry Talks, November 5th: Laura Fukumoto, Obesity in Light of the Zombie Apocalypse


Laura Fukumoto is in the third year of her BFA, theatre production and design, with a focus in costumes. She has a passion for teaching, theatre, vintage dresses, is an all-around bohemian and loves to make new friends. Last year she was a residence advisor in Totem Park where she produced, costume designed, vocal coached and helped create a musical and a one act theatre festival. She also enjoyed dressing up for a number of RA events. n her spare time (ha), Laura likes to inspire social change through blogging, writing, and silly videos that she makes instead of writing essays. She believes it is important to keep up-to-date on LBGTQ and feminist issues, because feminism is not scary or outdated or full of angry man-haters, and LBGTQ laws and issues are developing and changing every day. She’s also acting in a UBC Theatre production at the end of November, called A Little Creation, written by Vanessa Imeson and directed by Patrick New.